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Dual Channel VI Interface

This 2 channel current measuring transducer monitors two independent channels up to +/-100 amps and converts each to an easy to read 0 to 5 volt signal compatible with any data logging system. Wired independently, current from the alternator and to/from the battery can be independently logged, or wired in parallel up to +/- 200 amps can be measured. Each channel is switch selectable between 0 to 5 volts for 0 to 100 amps, or 0 to 5 volts for -100 to +100 amps (ie. 0 amps = 2.5 volts). It also provides a Volts/4 signal to allow voltage sampling for each channel (ie. 0 to 5 volts = 0 to 20 volts). The transducer is powered from the data logger and is easy to wire. A wiring diagram for the Aim system is included, but it easy to adapt to Motec or any other data logging system.

The transducer is housed in a compact O-ring and shielded enclosure that is water resistant (wire openings need to be silicone sealed after installation for fully water-tight integrity). The circuit board is coated with Silicone conformal coating for full humidity protection. The device is intended for use on 12, 24 or even 48 VDC electrical systems, but because of the full electrical isolation between the sensors and the signal conditioning circuitry, voltages of up to 100V or more are easily accommodated.