IPS300-12-110 Series AC Inverter

Computers are moving into non-traditional work areas at an ever increasing rate as more and more specialty software packages become available. However there is a major problem. Computers require clean, pure AC power to work reliably. If you power one from the same Genset that runs your heavy loads, you could damage it from surges and spikes generated by switching those loads.

If you power it from the same Inverter that runs a microwave and other electrical devices, similar problems occur, plus voltage dropouts from excessive loads on the inverter add to the problem. Also, most inverters produce 'Quasi-Sine Wave' AC, which often doesn't run computers very well. Complaints of noisy displays, cursors that move by themselves and more abound.

The IPS Series of 'True Sine Wave' Inverters are designed specifically for running computers and other electronics in mobile and other off-grid locations.

One standard AC receptacle provides for easy connection. Versions are available to operate from 12V, 24V or 32 Volt battery systems. The IPS300 series of inverters carry a full three-year warranty.