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Featured products

BCM21 Battery Charger

A revolutionary charger which allows precise programming to the exact charging profile recommended by a battery manufacturer.
$645.00 $579.21

Braille 3121 Combo

Save 14% by purchasing our precision fit battery box with a Braille 3121 battery.
$448.92 $393.45

Micro Squirt w/ 8' Wiring Harness

MicroSquirt EMS-- Full Standalone Engine Management giving you full control of your Electronic Fuel Injection and Ignition system. The MicroSquirt Engine Management System is small but feature packed, and at a price that can't be beat.

MS3-Pro w/ 8' Wiring Harness

The MS3-Pro is's latest, top of the line ECU! This one features up to 12 fuel channels, 8 ignition channels, and a massive amount of I/O, in a rugged, splashproof case, with AMPSEAL connectors that will stand up to just about anything you can throw at it. Features include onboard 8 gigabyte data logging, 2 channel knock control, closed loop boost control, continuously variable valve timing control (up to 4 cams supported!) and more.

Optima Battery Box

Race Energy Lightweight Optima Yellow, Red & Blue Top Battery Box. Compatible with Optima top & side post batteries. Comes in different colour options.

Suzuki 1.6L 16 Valve Basic Kit - Turbo Manifold & Downpipe

Suzuki 1.6L 16 Valve Basic Turbo Manifold & Downpipe Kit for Sidekick, Tracker & Vitara.
$1,290.00 $1,122.30

Suzuki G16b Tri-Flow Turbo Camshaft

Colt Cams Custom Suzuki G16b Tri-Flow Turbo Camshaft for Turbo Engines

Suzuki Log Manifold

High quality stainless steel top mount log style manifold to fit a BorgWarner K03 turbo on a Suzuki G16b 1.6L 16V engine.
$709.50 $645.00

Suzuki Stage 1 Turbo Kit

New for summer of 2016! After extensive winter testing, we are now offering our upgraded Stage 1 Suzuki G16b Turbo Kit at reduced cost!
$4,515.00 $3,547.50

Turbo Oil Distribution Kit with 1/8 BSP & NPT Fittings

Tired of hanging a tee from your engine when it's time to go turbo? This module will solve all your turbo charging oil distribution problems. The block has 5 ports, 4 are 1/8 NPT and one is 1/8 BSP, used to relocate the factory oil pressure sensor and give you all the expandability you may need.