Welcome To Race Energy! We are performance enthusiasts building parts to turn any vehicle into a high performance machine.

From DIY to professional race teams, we design and manufacture a diverse range of quality products with Aerospace Electronics & CNC Machining resources behind us.

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Featured products

BCM21 Battery Charger

A revolutionary charger which allows precise programming to the exact charging profile recommended by a battery manufacturer.
$655.00 $588.19

Braille 3121 Combo

Save 14% by purchasing our precision fit battery box with a Braille 3121 battery.
$455.88 $399.55

Micro Squirt w/ 8' Wiring Harness

MicroSquirt EMS-- Full Standalone Engine Management giving you full control of your Electronic Fuel Injection and Ignition system. The MicroSquirt Engine Management System is small but feature packed, and at a price that can't be beat.

MS3-Pro w/ 8' Wiring Harness

The MS3-Pro is's latest, top of the line ECU! This one features up to 12 fuel channels, 8 ignition channels, and a massive amount of I/O, in a rugged, splashproof case, with AMPSEAL connectors that will stand up to just about anything you can throw at it. Features include onboard 8 gigabyte data logging, 2 channel knock control, closed loop boost control, continuously variable valve timing control (up to 4 cams supported!) and more.

Oil Distribution Block Kit

Tired of hanging a tee from your engine when it's time to go turbo? This module will solve all your turbo charging oil distribution problems. The block has 5 ports, 4 are 1/8 NPT and one is 1/8 BSP, used to relocate the factory oil pressure sensor and give you all the expandability you may need.

Optima Battery Case

Race Energy Optima Yellow, Red & Blue Top Battery Case. Compatible with Optima top & side post batteries. Comes in different colour options.

Suzuki G16b Tri-Flow Turbo Camshaft

Colt Cams Custom Suzuki G16b Tri-Flow Turbo Camshaft for Turbo Engines

Suzuki Log Manifold

High quality stainless steel top mount log style manifold to fit a BorgWarner K03 turbo on a Suzuki G16b 1.6L 16V engine. Half inch thick precision CNC machined head flange, custom designed and CNC machined turbo flange. TIG welded in house for the highest quality and strength

Suzuki Stage 1 Turbo Kit

Complete stage 1 Turbo Kit for Suzuki G16b 1.6l 16v OBD1 engines. Stage 1 allows for 7psi of boost controlled by the ECU, for an estimated power output of 140-155HP.
$5,240.00 $4,585.00