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Race Energy Electronics

Programable Battery Charger

Programable Battery Charger

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Race Energy BCM21 Programable Battery Charger

Race Energy has been at the forefront of battery charging technology for many years. The company partnered with all levels of the “Mazda Road to Indy” to develop our newest digitally controlled battery charger, the BCM21. The BCM21 Intelligent series Battery Charger delivers up to 300 watts of precision charging power to perfectly charge a 12 or 16 volt race vehicle battery.

The charger includes eight dual color LEDs to clearly indicate charg­ing levels and operating condition. A bright easy to read LED display shows the actual battery voltage and charging current at all times. The charging cables are terminated in a 50 Amp Anderson connector for easy connection to the race vehicle, and an Anderson to Alligator Clip adapter cable is also included for connection to any other battery.

Advanced Power Factor Correction circuitry on the AC input to use the electricity in the most effective and efficient way and will work from any standard AC voltage worldwide. Inside, LLC Resonant Converter technology allows Zero Voltage/Zero Current switching on the primary or high voltage side of the main power transformer, while active rectification on the secondary or low voltage side ensures maximum efficiency and minimum electromagnetic interference (EMI) for operation near sensitive radio frequency communication equipment. The charging output is Military Grade ultra-low ripple and noise to maximize battery life and optimal charging. Safety features include charger over temperature protection, current limiting, short-circuit protection, input under voltage shutdown and output over voltage protection all with automatic recovery.

The charger is pre-programmed with the charging profiles for three standard types of Lead Acid batteries; Flooded (traditional Lead Acid), AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat Lead Acid) and Gel or VRLA (Valve Regulated Lead Acid). A fourth profile is pre-set for a typical Lithium Ion battery. These profiles can be further customized by choosing 2 or 3 stage charging using the stage select switch on the front panel. Any of the charging profiles can adjusted to suit any specific make and model of battery using the free-to-download PowerWizard software. PowerWizard adds advanced algorithm reprogramming, charger monitoring and graphing function all acces­sible through the front panel USB port.

The chargers can be customized with Team or Vehicle logos as shown for Pfaff Motorsports and the Porsche GT3R. Some of the race teams using the BCM21 include Pfaff Motorsports, Andretti Autosports, Belardi Auto Racing, Schmidt Peterson Motorsports, Cape Motorsports, Juncos Racing, Afterburner Autosport, Arms Up Motorsports, Jay Motorsports and Pabst Racing.


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