BCM21 Battery Charger

BCM21 motorsports battery charger, a revolutionary new Digital Signal Processor (DSP) based charger which allows precise programming to the exact charging profile recommended by a battery manufacturer. Programmable from a laptop via USB, the charger allows a race engineer to positively ensure a race car battery is fully recharged and ready for the next on-track session in the shortest possible time.

Used by Andretti Autosport, Belardi Racing, Juncos Racing, Cape Motorsports with Wayne Taylor Racing, Pabst Racing, Schmidt Petersen Motorsports and more...



"We had gone through two batteries and what felt like decades of time lost to charging with our previous battery/charger setups on our 3/4 Chassis Mazda RX-7 Drag Car. Upon moving over to the Race Energy battery charger, we have noticed drastic decreases in charging time and a more complete and efficient charge. The lithium-ion battery we use is now operating at full capacity for longer and with less voltage fluctuations. All of this has contributed to better performance from our race-car, allowing us to run both quick and faster with less downtime between runs. I am strongly recommending this charger to all of my fellow racers and associates."

Marko Stilinovic
Forcefed Performance Turbo and Tuning Ltd.


BCM 21 Battery Charger Data Sheet