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BCD300-32-12 DC Battery Charger

BCD300-32-12 DC Battery Charger

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The BCD300 battery charger provides up to 300 watts to charge a 12V or 24V battery system (1 or 2 banks) from a 24V, 32V or 36V source. The source and the batteries under charge must share a common ground.

The all-new single board design incorporates state of the art switchmode technology for unmatched efficiency and ultra-quite operation. Multiple stages of filtering reduce radiated or conducted noise to very low levels. The BCD300 Series is capable of charging up to two independent banks of batteries. The two stage charging profile charges the batteries at a constant current equal to the maximum continuous output of the unit. When the battery voltages come up to the float voltage that the unit is set to, the current into the batteries will taper off as necessary to maintain the batteries at the float voltage.

The unit can be left permanently connected without fear of overcharge or damage to the batteries. The adjustable float voltage feature allows the unit to be used for any type of lead-acid battery including lead acid and gel cell. Available options include a remote control and/or extra wide temperature. We are confident that you will get many years of reliable service from this Battery charger.

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